James Bond isn’t the only big-screen character to have earned his place as a casino lover

Everyone knows that James Bond has a penchant for gambling. In fact, his favorite game is Baccarat Chemin de Fer and that is why he is seen playing and gambling on several of his films. However, there are many other characters like him who have gone down in history as gambling masters . Here we leave some of them for you to meet while you place your own bets on Strendus.

Le Chiffre – Casino Royale (2006)

Due to the incredible performance of MadsMikkelsen, Le Chiffre became a character loved by many and hated by a few others, as he is the first enemy of James Bond and a villain in every sense of the word. He’s super smart and the mastermind behind international terrorism. But, after losing a lot of money when Agent 007 thwarts his plans, he tries to make up for some by taking part in a millionaire poker tournament , a game at which he is really good. He could have won the juicy prize had it not been for our favorite spy with his best hands and plays to beat him once more.

Raymond – Rain man (1988)

Dustin Hoffman’s outstanding work as Raymond earned him an Academy Award in the category of Best Leading Actor. The film also won the statuettes for Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay. We dare to say that Raymond’s character is one of the best in the history of cinema, as he is a man with autism with incredible mathematical ability, which is why counting cards is a piece of cake . Due to his condition, he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, as he only gets carried away by what his younger brother, Charlie (Tom Cruise), tells him. And earn over $ 80,000 in the process!

Ben Campbell – 21 (2008)

This movie is based on true events, as MIT students did come together to make the biggest profits possible from casinos. However, the way the story was brought to the screen was exceptional. Ben Campbell is an outstanding student who is recruited along with other classmates by one of his teachers to count cards and earn easy money. The interesting thing about this character is that despite being very intelligent, he begins to make very bad decisions in life . He loses large amounts of money gambling , says goodbye to his perfect school performance and even ruins the relationship he had with the girl he liked.

Sam “Ace” Rothstein – Casino (1995)

Brought to the screen by Robert de Niro himself, this character is dedicated to sports betting and is an expert in them . Despite the fact that his life is basically fixed and he’s a respected man, everything changes when the mob asks him to oversee a casino to ensure that the money reaches the right hands. Things get complicated when his bosses send Nicky Santoro, a man who is supposed to protect him, but whom Ace does not trust. Also, things with his girlfriend, a scammer with whom he has a daughter, start to go wrong.

Alan Garner – The Hangover (2009)

“Alan, what p $ &! # Da did you do?” It is a phrase that is constantly repeated in The Hangover films. But this time we want to tell you about the great feat that this character performed in the first film of the saga. It is not a secret that Alan is a bit clumsy , that is, basically everything that happens at the bachelor party of Doug, his brother-in-law, is his fault, but that is not why we are going to take away the credit for winning thousands of dollars in a Las Vegas casino . The funny thing is that despite his low social skills (he’s kind of weird), he’s good at card counting .

Which of these or other characters is your favorite? You have to admit that although some have very brief experiences gambling or in casinos, their scenes are so iconic that they remain etched in the memory for a long time. As you take a look back at all his movies, remember that you can feel the adrenaline rush anytime, anywhere .

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